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How to choose an appropriate LED screen?


How to choose an appropriate LED screen?

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2019/06/04 17:09
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Nowadays, information dissemination is highly developed. Full-color LED display screens are becoming more and more popular among people as the most direct and convenient important carrier for advertising and information broadcasting indoors and outdoors.

With no doubt that the definition of led screen is of great importance, imagining how shocking and fascinating it is when you are indulging yourself into a concert or a carnival with a high definition giant led screen! What an awesome audio-visual experience it will be!

But, do you know how to choose an appropriate screen? Below points may give yu some help on it!

Environment. If the screen use outdoor, we have to take waterproofness into consideration. Normally for outdoor should be IP65 while IP31 for indoor is enough. Besides, outdoor screen also need to consider other features such as dustproof, high temperature protection etc.
Brightness. Outdoor screen has higher brightness requirement than indoor as it exposed to strong sunshine outside.
Viewing distance, this directly related to the screen pixel. The smaller the pixel, the clearer the picture will be, and the larger information capacity will the screen hold, which quite suitable for short distance viewing. Thus, general speaking, indoor screen should choose a smaller pixel than outdoor screens.

With a brief introductions above, guess you already have an idea in mind before choosing your right led screen.